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Want your own personal blog?

Posted by Miss W. on May 23, 2012

Miss W will no longer be coming to school to teach blogging unless requested by your teacher. But many of you have shown an interest in having your own personal blog. Miss W is prepared to help you look after your own blog, but you need to prove you deserve your own blog and you know how to be safe while using your blog.

What do you need to do?

On a Word document, write the following posts:

  1. All about me – remember to be internet savvy about personal information, written in two paragraphs
  2. 6 random facts about me – cannot be included from your about me post – use bullets or dot points
  3. My favourite colour
  4. Being safe on the internet
  5. Reflection of term 1 – where you went well, where you need to improve etc 

Create your avatar

Attach your word document and your avatar as a jpeg to an email and send to Miss W. In the body of the email, mention your name and the username you have been given eg jamesholl12

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Lots of fun games

Posted by Miss W. on May 22, 2012

I was checking my Google reader for the blogs I subscribe to and found a link to this games site.

Check out the games for a certain grade group.  For example you might look at the grade 6  games.

Play at least three different games from different subject areas.

Do you agree with the star rating they have provided?

Which game did you enjoy the most and why?

Leave your answer in a comment.

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Time to spare

Posted by Miss W. on March 19, 2012

Try this jigsaw created by Miss W.


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Posted by Miss W. on March 19, 2012

Now that you are starting to leave comments on blogs, you need to have a user avatar. There are many websites to create avatars.

I have linked a photo to 4 of the avatar websites. You must save your avatar as a jpeg file.


Step 1. Create your avatar

Any age can use these avatar sites:

From abi-station:

Step 2. Using printscreen to save your avatar or use the snipping tool

So you decided to create an avatar like “Hero Factory” or “Build your wildself” or “Mini Mizer” where you can’t save it easily. You need to take a picture of the screen first. Most computers have a printscreen button on the keyboard or if using Windows 7 you have an icon called “snipping tool”.

When you press printscreen or use the snipping tool an image of your screen or part of it  is now copied to your clipboard. You will still need to crop and resize to get an avatar that fits well on your blog.

Open MS Paint and click control V to paste your image from the clipboard. To save, you need to go to File>Save As> computer> your drive> open blogging folder> change the name of the file to yourname with ava eg  sueava then underneath change the file type to JPEG. Save.

Go to your drive> open blogging folder and right click on the icon for your avatar image and  “Open with” choose MS Picture Manager. This might be in Microsoft office tools.

In the icons at the top, go to View> task pane.  On the right go to edit pictures > crop.  Now move the black bars on the side of your image in, to crop your picture to what you want in your avatar.

Click OK, then back to edit pictures. Now click on resize. In the box “custom width and height” put  97 in both boxes. These numbers might be slightly different but one has to be 97 and the other smaller than 97. Click OK.

Back up to file>save as> call it sueava2 or similar> make sure it is still JPEG. Make sure you have saved it to your drive again.

Step 3. Upload avatar to your Edublogs blog

Now to upload to your blog or class blog.  Go to your dashboard> users>your avatar> browse to find your image on your school drive>alternate upload.  This is your comment avatar.

If it now looks like a black coloured square then you haven’t cropped the image to the correct size in step 2 using printscreen. Or maybe you didn’t save the image as a JPEG in step 2 using printscreen. Go back and make corrections.

What else can we do with our avatars?

Look at what these classes have done with their avatars.

Grade 3 dreamers, Grade 5N,

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Posted by Miss W. on March 19, 2012

Many of you are now starting to visit blogs of classmates or your class blog. Some of you have ventured out and visited students overseas taking part in the student blogging challenge or classes that are also taking part.

What type of comments are you leaving?

Are you going to accept all comments?

  • Some comments you receive are actually spam – Nike shoes, handbags, essay dissertations etc Often these comments will have a link in them directing you to a website where they want you to buy something.
  • Other spam comments often have or or in the email address. Sometimes these comments make sense but they will often have a spelling error and they usually have nothing to do with the post you have written.
  • Make sure you don’t approve these type of comments but click  spam instead.
  • Some people might leave a comment like ‘Wutsup?’ – this would go in the trash.
  • Some students who don’t know about quality comments might say ‘This is a cool blog. Please visit my blog at ……’  This would also go in the trash. Or maybe you visit their blog first and thank them for leaving a comment on yours but mention it was not acceptable as it didn’t relate to the post.

In your profile, have you included your user name and your class or own blog URL? Before leaving a comment on another blog that is the same platform as you eg Edublogs, Blogger, make sure you are signed into the blog. This way you won’t have to fill in lots of information when leaving a comment. Will also mean the owner of the blog you commented on will only have to click on your name or avatar and they will be directed straight to your blog.

Your job this week is to visit at least 10 different blogs in your team. One member of the team is to keep a list in Word of the blogs you visited and the comment you left. Your responsibility is to leave a quality comment on the blog, copy what you wrote and put in an email for the person keeping the list.

This is an example:

I went to Kids in the Mid and I left a comment on the commenting post. I said,

Dear Miss W,

I really enjoyed watching that video the grade 3 students made. Could we make one to put on our class blog?

♥ John ♥

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Week 2 – Start writing

Posted by Miss W. on February 19, 2012

Your first week activities included:

  • creating an email signature
  • learning how to create folders and documents on your school computer hard drive
  • looking at student about pages and creating yours on Word
  • attaching your Word document to an email asking for a blog to be created for you to use and sending it to your teacher

Now let’s head into week 2 of our  basic blogging activities.

Activity 1: Learning to log in to my dashboard

Miss W. created a username for me. I received an email at school from Edublogs which gave me my username and a funny looking password.  So what do I do now?

  • Go to Edublogs and log in using the username and password in your letter.
  • I suggest you copy and paste the password exactly. Untick the remember me box as lots of other students use your school computer.
  • If you have forgotten your password from last year, then put in your blog username  and ask for a new password. Check your email and follow their instructions.

Activity 2: Change some of the major settings.

The dashboard is where you do all your blogging work.  But so you can login very easily without having to copy that password each time, you need to do the following things using the left-hand sidebar:

Change password: Click on users> your profile

Put in your first name, nickname ( be sensible and internet safe with choice of nickname), password (something you can remember easily – maybe same as school password), same password a second time, then finally update profile button. When that has updated go back in and choose from drop down link for display name publicly as. Update profile button again.

Activity 3: Your teacher will change these settings for your class blog after some discussion with the students.

Change name of your blog: Settings > general – discuss first

Change your blog title and tagline – again be internet safe in what you choose. Make sure timezone is Hobart and choose how you want dates and times to show on your blog. Finally save changes button.

Notification of comments: Settings > discussion

Tick the following boxes: all default article settings; other comments – boxes 1, 4 and 5;  before a comment appears – box 1.  If you are going to visit your blog dashboard regularly then you might not need an email sent otherwise click the email me when comment held for moderation.

Further down the page under avatars – show avatars, G rating, then choose what avatar will appear if a reader has not created their own. Finally save changes button.

Changing the theme of your blog: Appearance > themes – discuss first

Only click on preview if you want to see what it will look like, activate when you have decided definitely on that theme. You can change your theme as often as you like as you are a moderator of your blog. Do you want 1 or 2 sidebars on your blog? Once you have personalized your blog and published lots of posts, you will be able to ask your teacher to upgrade your blog – you will then have about 100 themes to choose from.

Widgets you must have: Appearance > widgets

You must have the following widgets: Blog avatar, pages, recent comments, recent posts, links, categories, archives, Meta

Activity 3: Editing our class ‘About’ page in the blog – discuss first

Your teacher will do this for the class blog. Go to your blog dashboard. Click on the arrow next to pages. Click on ‘All pages’.  Hover under ‘Sample Page’ and click on edit. Delete what is already in the white body of your page.  Click on the kitchen sink icon, to allow more options like pasting in a word document and changing colour of your fonts.

Discuss as a class what should be included in this page for all the world to see.  You can also change the title of the page eg All about us

When you have finished creating the ‘About’ page, click on blue button on the right ‘Update page’

Activity 4: Writing my first post

So that your readers get to know something interesting about you, your teachers want you to write a post titled’ 8 random facts about me’.  Check out these posts by students in other schools – Amber, Mrs Daugherty’s grade 5 students, another Amber

Make sure you read the comments on Mrs Daugherty’s class blog as her students have left lots of random facts that might give you some great ideas for your post.

To write your post, go to your dashboard, click on arrow next to post, add new, type in a title for your post and write the body of your post. Make sure your work is in sentences, paragraphs, if words need capital letters you have used them such as I or a person’s name. Tick the category “About us” .When finished click the Publish or review button.

Activity 5: Leaving a quality comment

As a class we will visit this blog and watch video created by some grade 3 students with their teacher. What do they expect if you leave a comment on their blog? What are you going to accept as a comment on your blog?

Extra activities to do

  1. Leave a comment on a post on Mr Devil, Image a Day, Read all about it, DownUnder Squirrel.
  2. Go to the list of students who are taking part in the March 2012  blogging challenge. Visit some of their blogs and leave some comments.
  3. Visit the blogs of some of our students and leave some great comments.

Next lesson will be creating your avatar.

Image: ‘Keep up and blog on

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Week 1 – Ready to blog

Posted by Miss W. on February 19, 2012

Now is the time to begin your unknown journey into the world of blogging. Read and follow instructions carefully. Ask members of your team if unsure.

During the first week of the new semester, you will need to check if you have completed the following things.

Activity 1: Change your email signature.

Log onto your computer. Then from the school intranet page, right click, open email in a new tab. Change your signature by click on options> edit your signature> make it look like this

  • John Doe – your name
  • 6/7H Mrs Stag – your class and home group teacher’s name
  • 2012

then save and close twice.

Activity 2: Create a Blogging folder on your home drive.

Click on start icon on bottom left corner> click on computer> double click on your own network drive> right click then open ‘New’> Folder>name folder as blog2012

Activity 3: How to open a new document

From inside your blog2012 folder> right click on new>choose now which type of document you will be using eg Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel

To rename actually open the document, now go to top left Office button>save as whatever you will call your document.

Activity 4: Create an ‘about page’ that will be put in your blog later.

Check out these student about pages. Notice they have been aware of  internet safety – not mentioned surname, school, town they live in, email address

  • Teegan from New Zealand age 11
  • Katy from USA age 13
  • Anna from Australia age 12
  • Daniel from Australia age 12
  • Alanna from Australia age 12
  • Georgia from Australia age 12

Open a Word document, rename as an “About Page” for you to use in your blog when you have one. Remember every three or so minutes to save your work. When you have completely finished your ‘About’ page activity, save your document.

Write your own ‘About’ page or if you already have one, update your ‘About’ page in your blog.

Activity 5: Email your document to your classroom teacher

  • Open a new email.
  • In To box, put in your  teacher’s email address. New students, please add Miss Wyatt’s email address too.
  •  In Subject box, put my about page.
  • In the body of the email, mention what you are sending your teacher. Also include a sentence asking for a blog to be created or telling your teacher that you already have a blog. eg
    • Hi Miss W, I am sending you my about page. Could you please create me a blog to start using next week? Thank you.
  • In icons, find the paperclip and click, choose your file to attach by clicking on browse, (go to folder and find your document), click attach, then close.
  • On your email, you should now see an attachment underlined, click send.

Activity 6: Change our ‘Kids in the Mid’ about page

Look at these class blogs ‘About’ pages. What do you think would need to be included in our ‘About’ page for ‘Kids in the Mid’ to represent us in 2012?

Still got time left this week? Check out the links under challenges on the left sidebar.

  • Visit the student blogging challenge for March this year and visit some students who will be taking part.
  • Visit Downunder Squirrel’s blog and create an avatar using paint or something similar. Attach to an email and send to Miss W.
  • Visit Davo the Devil’s blog and leave a comment about a visit to a student.
  • Visit the blogs of some of your friends in other classes. Leave them a comment on a post you found interesting.

Leave a comment at the end of this post telling us three things we should include in our ‘About’ page for Kids in the Mid. 

Image: ‘Long Train Home – Explored!

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Welcome back

Posted by Miss W. on February 19, 2012

It’s a new year, 2012. Miss W is not at school every day, but she will be visiting on Wednesdays and Thursdays to help with blogging, both individual student blogs and classroom blogs which your homegroup teachers will be creating.

When in the computer lab on these two days you will be working and sitting  in small teams. Your team will have some students who had blogs last year and they will be available to help those students who are new to blogging. At the end of each lesson, your team will need to tell your teacher how many points from 1-5 you think you earned as a team.

In the comments below, write about:

  • what you think a 5 point team will have done in the lesson or
  • what you want to put on your blog this year or
  • what skills you have to help your team or
  • what could be included on your classroom blog

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Posted by shaynec1 on December 7, 2011




You have $5000 to spend on a holiday somewhere in the world.

You might want to go somewhere in Tasmania, Queensland, or Victoria! Some of you might want to visit family or friends. Others might want to go to a resort or drive around in a campervan.

Use the internet to find the cost and other information about your transport, for example, airfares, tickets on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry or car hire, accommodation, location etc.

YOUR TASK: (3 Word Docs to prepare.)

  1. PREPARE AN ITINERARY: What you do each day.
  2. PREPARE A BUDGET: List all details and costs like return airfares, accommodation, vehicle hire, entertainment and daily budget for meals/spending etc.
  3. PREPARE A TRAVEL DIARY: Write and illustrate a travel diary of your trip.

These internet sites will help you:

Airfares….Jetstar, Flight Centre, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Tiger Airlines. (remember to shop for cheapest flights.)

Accommodation…..Go to your resort direct or search using your location, for example, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Launceston.

These sites offer deals; , , .

If you want to stay in a resort or have a package deal combining airfares, accommodation, try Flight Centre or Harvey Norman Travel.

Vehicle Hire…. Hertz, Eurocar, Budget and many others.



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You can vote!

Posted by Mrs H. on December 5, 2011

Last week you got to look at some of Edublogs Award winning blogs. Well, this week the nominations are in and our very own Miss Wyatt has been nominated for the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award!

Mr Davo Devil, not to be left out, has been nominated for ‘Best New Blog’.

You can look at the other nominations by going to The Edublogs Awards blog and checking out each of the categories and the 2011 nominees.

If you want to vote for one of the nominations, you need to use a computer or phone that isn’t in our computer labs or classrooms. The IP address is the same for all the school computers and, if you all vote from school, Edublogs will think the same person is voting hundreds of times and the votes won’t be counted!

You may be able to use a relatives computer, or maybe your parents could vote from their work computer.

The ‘Best Student Blog’ nominations are well worth a look, as are the ones for ‘Best Class Blog’.

Browse through ‘Best Educational Use of A Social Network’ as well, you might get some ideas!



Remember to vote for Miss Wyatt and Mr Davo Devil (aka Miss W.)!

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