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Empathy and tolerance

Posted by Miss W. on October 5, 2010

In Skills 4 Life this fortnight we are looking at empathy and being tolerant.

Part of this topic involves being able to resolve conflicts by using :

  • mediation
  • compromise
  • negotation
  • assertiveness

Students in 6/7D have had a chance to create a cartoon using ToonDoo that shows one of the above methods for resolving the conflict.

Check out Miss W’s cartoon below and as students publish them, I will add a link to them here.

Sophie, BrodyLukeMarcusDavidNataliaCaitlinAlannaBrodieDanielBraydon,

Original image: ‘Impala


by: Arno Meintjes

14 Responses to “Empathy and tolerance”

  1.   Sophie Says:

    I have instructions for upload on my blog. :)

  2.   Allen Says:

    Great idea to use ToonDoo!

  3.   Allie Howell Says:

    Hey, Sophie!

    My name is Allie, and I am an EDM310 student at the University of South Alabama!

    Knowing how to resolve conflict is very important – whether you’re dealing with parents, siblings, friends, teachers, or co-workers! Two people are never going to completely agree, so you definitely need to know how to work together. Meditation, compromise, negotiation, and assertiveness are all great ways to do this!


    P.S. I had never heard of ToonDoo until reading this, and I can’t wait to use it!

  4.   Shania Says:

    Hey my name is Shania.You’ve got a very cool slide.

    Melville Intermediate
    Hamilton Waikato
    New Zealand

  5.   tylara Says:

    I would love to do what u did to make that it looks cool as the slide is amazing

  6.   Sam Graunke Says:

    Hi Miss W and class!

    The toon do creations are terrific. My class has also been working on solving conflict. We are practicing our skills in this area by playing group games and board games. See my post to see what we have been doing.

  7.   Sundeep Says:

    Hi my name Is Sundeep and I am from Canada and I loved reading this

  8.   Mrs V Says:

    Hello Kids in the Mid! I am visiting your blog as part of the blogging challenge. I am a teacher of 9-12 year olds in Tasmania.I have enjoyed your cartoons. I did not know about TooDoo but I will certainly be sharing it with my class. I know they will love it. We did a unit about empathy earlier in the year and some of our class mad powerpoint presentations about an Australian who showed empathy and used that empathy in ways to effect positive change. We learnt about some amazing Australians such as Fred Hollows, Mary Mackillop and Eddie Mabo. We shared our powerpoints on our class blog called the On the Grapevine. It would be great if you could visit our blog sometimes as I am sure that we could learn a lot from you :-)
    Keep up the great work!
    Mrs V

  9.   Amanda Bosarge Says:

    Hello, I am a student from University of South Alabama and I am commenting for my EDM 310 class. Wow! These ToonDoos about empathy and tolerance are a wonderful and creative way to get children to consider how to resolve conflicts. I have never heard of ToonDoos, but I would like to make one of my own very soon! As a future teacher, I would like to use this tool in the classroom. The students did a wonderful job with their cartoons. Each one is unique and personal. I love them all!


  10.   Mia Says:

    Hi everyone this is Mia from Allthingsquebec.
    I saw your comic strip and am leving this coment because this is something I would love to do in my class because it is not my favorite thing but it is one the things that I like to do this in class so that I can make one and hopefuly pt on on my blog.

    Thanks for the idea

  11.   austin Says:

    this comic is really funnny

  12.   ryan Says:

    Lol that is a very
    funny slide. Also
    you got a pretty
    cool blog here it
    is amazing!

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