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Avatars and global challenge

Posted by Miss W. on March 10, 2011

In week 1 you:

  • created an email signature
  • learnt how to create folders and documents on your school computer hard drive
  • looked at student about pages and created yours on Word
  • attached your Word document to an email asking for a blog to be created for you to use and sent it to your ICT teacher
  • looked at class about pages and recommended in a comment what we should include on our ‘Kids in the Mid’ about page

In week 2 you:

  • learned to log into your dashboard
  • changed your settings
  • copy and pasted your about page from word onto your blog
  • wrote your first post – 8 random facts about me
  • left a comment telling me what you think a good comment will look like
  • looked at the page ‘Students check here’ to see what you have already had marked off

Now let’s head into week 3 of our 15 weeks worth of activities.

Once you are starting to create online, you often need to have a special identity. This is usually in the form of an avatar. You created them for World Maths Day, you have them in Facebook and, of course, you have them when leaving comments on blogs. So, this week’s activities relate to avatars and online identities including creating a positive digital footprint.

Activity 1 – make an avatar

Step 1. Create an avatar for your blog and for you to use when leaving comments.

Avatars are a representation of yourself. Check out this post about avatars.  Create your avatar using one of the websites below. Sue Waters from ‘The Edublogger‘ has written a great post about avatars, including giving instructions on how to save them and then upload to an ‘Edublogs’ blog. Many of the sites mentioned below are included in her post.

Most important is remember to save as a jpeg file if using Edublogs.

MyHero[1] avatar2 avatar3 avatarbig

Any age can use these avatar sites:

From abi-station:

But over 13, need parental or guardian permission for these.

14 or older with parental permission

Step 2. Using printscreen to save your avatar

So you decided to create an avatar like “Hero Factory” or “Build your wildself” or “Mini Mizer” where you can’t save it easily. You need to take a picture of the screen first. Most computers have a printscreen button on the keyboard or if using Windows 7 you have an icon called “snipping tool”.

When you press printscreen an image of your screen is now copied to your clipboard. You will still need to crop and resize to get an avatar that fits well on your blog.

Open MS Paint and click control V to paste your image from the clipboard. To save, you need to go to File>Save As> change the name of the file to yourname with ava eg  sueava then underneath change the file type to JPEG. Make sure you save your avatar to your drive.

Go to your drive, right click on the icon for your avatar image and choose “Open with” choose MS Picture Manager.

In the icons at the top, go to View> task pane.  On the right go to edit pictures > crop.  Now move the black bars on the side of your image in, to crop your picture to what you want in your avatar.

Click OK, then back to edit pictures. Now click on resize. In the box “custom width and height” put  97 in both boxes. These numbers might be slightly different but one has to be 97 and the other smaller than 97. Click OK.

Back up to file>save as> call it sueava2 or similar> make sure it is still JPEG. Make sure you have saved it to your drive again.

Step 3. Upload avatar to your Edublogs blog

Now to upload to your blog.  Go to your dashboard> users>your avatar> browse to find your image on your school H drive>alternate upload.  This is your comment avatar.

Now for your blog avatar. Dashboard>appearance>widget> blog avatar drag to your sidebar.  To upload the avatar, dashboard>settings>blog avatar> browse to find your image on your school H drive>alternate upload. Go to your blog page and refresh. Your blog avatar should appear on your blog now.

If it now looks like a black coloured square then you haven’t cropped the image to the correct size in step 2 using printscreen. Or maybe you didn’t save the image as a JPEG in step 2 using printscreen.

Activity 2 – Write a post describing your avatar.

How much does it look like you? What sort of personality does your avatar have? What makes it typically you? Remember to include your avatar as an image in your post.

Activity 3 – Register for the student blogging challenge

The first set of activities have already been published for the blogging challenge. There are over 1000 students from 16 countries taking part, most of them your age. Make sure you have completed the first activities.

Activity 4 – Visit 10 student blogs in the challenge where you have the same interests.

Write a post telling me who you visited and what post you commented on in their blog. Why did you comment on that post?

Extra activity – Create 9 different avatars and save them to your H drive.

Now create an animoto with your images to embed in your blog – remember to get a special code from Miss W. if you create lots of avatars.

If you don’t want to create an animoto, then add the avatars in a gallery to your blog post.

Next week we look at great commenting and creating a positive digital footprint.

2 Responses to “Avatars and global challenge”

  1.   evadianita Says:

    Hi Miss W..!!

    Do I have to register along with students under 18 years old.? while my age 25 years old

    •   Miss W. Says:

      G’day Eva,
      There are two choices- either register as an individual student blog or register as a class blog. There are some students in their 20′s and older who have registered already.


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