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Week 2 – six activities

Posted by Miss W. on August 2, 2011

Your first seven activities included:

  • creating an email signature
  • learning how to create folders and documents on your school computer hard drive
  • looking at student about pages and creating yours on Word
  • attaching your Word document to an email asking for a blog to be created for you to use and sending it to your ICT teacher
  • looking at class about pages and recommending in a comment what we should include on our ‘Kids in the Mid’ about page or for Mr Devil’s about page

Now let’s head into week 2 of our ICT basic blogging activities.

Activity 1: Learning to log in to my dashboard

Miss W. created a blog for me. I received an email at school from edublogs which gave me my username and a funny looking password.  So what do I do now?

  • As you are at our middle school blog, just right click on your name on the left sidebar and open in a new tab.
  • Find the Meta widget and click on ‘Log in’
  • If you have a blog from last year and do not have a Meta widget, then after your URL type  /wp-admin
  • This will now open to a log in area, where you put in your username and the password that is in your email.  I suggest you copy and paste the password exactly. Untick the remember me box as lots of other students use your school computer.
  • If you have forgotten your password from last year, then put in your school email address or your blog username  and ask for a new password. Check your email and follow their instructions.

Activity 2: Change some of the major settings.

The dashboard is where you do all your blogging work.  But so you can login very easily without having to copy that password each time, you need to do the following things using the left-hand sidebar:

Change password: Click on users> your profile

Put in your first name, nickname ( be sensible and internet safe with choice of nickname), password (something you can remember easily – maybe same as school password), same password a second time, then finally update profile button. When that has updated go back in and choose from drop down link for display name publicly as. Update profile button again.

Change name of your blog: Settings > general

Change your blog title and tagline – again be internet safe in what you choose. Make sure timezone is Tasmania and choose how you want dates and times to show on your blog. Finally save changes button.

Notification of comments: Settings > discussion

Tick the following boxes: all default article settings; other comments – boxes 1, 4 and 5;  before a comment appears – box 1.  If you are going to visit your blog dashboard regularly then you might not need an email sent otherwise click the email me when comment held for moderation.

Further down the page under avatars – show avatars, G rating, then choose what avatar will appear if a reader has not created their own. Finally save changes button.

Changing the theme of your blog: Appearance > themes

Only click on preview if you want to see what it will look like, activate when you have decided definitely on that theme. You can change your theme as often as you like as you are a moderator of your blog. Do you want 1 or 2 sidebars on your blog?

Widgets you must have: Appearance > widgets

You must have the following widgets: Blog avatar, pages, recent comments, recent posts, links, categories, Meta

Activity 3: Editing my ‘About’ page in the blog

Go to your blog dashboard. Click on the arrow next to pages. Click on ‘All pages’.  Hover under ‘About’ and click on edit. Delete what is already in the white body of your page.  Click on the kitchen sink icon, to allow more options like pasting in a word document and changing colour of your fonts.

Paste in your about page document then change text colours if you need to.

When you have finished creating the ‘About’ page, click on blue button on the right ‘Update page’

Activity 4: Writing my first post

So that your readers get to know something interesting about you, Mr Clark and I want you to write a post titled’ 8 random facts about me’.  Check out these posts by students in other schools – Amber, Mrs Daugherty’s grade 5 students, another Amber

You might want to leave a great comment on one of those blogs or add a comment to Miss W’s post about random facts.

To write your post, go to your dashboard, click on arrow next to post, add new, type in a title for your post and write the body of your post. Make sure your work is in sentences, paragraphs, if words need capital letters you have used them such as I or a person’s name. When finished click the Publish button.

Activity 5: Leaving a comment

Visit this blog and watch this video created by some grade 3 students with their teacher. What do they expect if you leave a comment on their blog? What are you going to accept as a comment on your blog?

Activity 6: What have I completed

Remember to check the pages in the header ‘Welcome to 2011′ to see if your parent has left a comment yet. Then look at the page ‘Students check here’ to see what Mr Clark and I have already marked off that you have finished.

Extra activities to do

  1. Leave a comment on a post on Kids in the Mid or Mr Devil.
  2. Think about some topics you can write about for your early posts in your blog. If you are a student in your second year of ICT with Miss W, then what type of passion blog will you create? Check some of them out on the left sidebar of this blog. Remember you can create a passion blog with some friends in other classes as well – check out the cricket blog run by Daniel, Braydon, David and Liam.
  3. Go to the list of students who took  part in the March 2011  blogging challenge. Visit some of their blogs and leave some comments.
  4. Visit the blogs of some of our students and leave some great comments.

Next lesson will be creating your avatar.

On this post on Kids in the Mid, leave a comment telling me what you think a good comment will look like.

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