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Posted by shaynec1 on December 7, 2011




You have $5000 to spend on a holiday somewhere in the world.

You might want to go somewhere in Tasmania, Queensland, or Victoria! Some of you might want to visit family or friends. Others might want to go to a resort or drive around in a campervan.

Use the internet to find the cost and other information about your transport, for example, airfares, tickets on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry or car hire, accommodation, location etc.

YOUR TASK: (3 Word Docs to prepare.)

  1. PREPARE AN ITINERARY: What you do each day.
  2. PREPARE A BUDGET: List all details and costs like return airfares, accommodation, vehicle hire, entertainment and daily budget for meals/spending etc.
  3. PREPARE A TRAVEL DIARY: Write and illustrate a travel diary of your trip.

These internet sites will help you:

Airfares….Jetstar, Flight Centre, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Tiger Airlines. (remember to shop for cheapest flights.)

Accommodation…..Go to your resort direct or search using your location, for example, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Launceston.

These sites offer deals; , , .

If you want to stay in a resort or have a package deal combining airfares, accommodation, try Flight Centre or Harvey Norman Travel.

Vehicle Hire…. Hertz, Eurocar, Budget and many others.



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  1.   Heather Beaulieu Says:

    Hello! We joined the blog challenge and I was just wondering how I could get a widget on my sidebar that would link us to the blog. Thanks!!

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