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Week 1 – Ready to blog

Posted by Miss W. on February 19, 2012

Now is the time to begin your unknown journey into the world of blogging. Read and follow instructions carefully. Ask members of your team if unsure.

During the first week of the new semester, you will need to check if you have completed the following things.

Activity 1: Change your email signature.

Log onto your computer. Then from the school intranet page, right click, open email in a new tab. Change your signature by click on options> edit your signature> make it look like this

  • John Doe – your name
  • 6/7H Mrs Stag – your class and home group teacher’s name
  • 2012

then save and close twice.

Activity 2: Create a Blogging folder on your home drive.

Click on start icon on bottom left corner> click on computer> double click on your own network drive> right click then open ‘New’> Folder>name folder as blog2012

Activity 3: How to open a new document

From inside your blog2012 folder> right click on new>choose now which type of document you will be using eg Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel

To rename actually open the document, now go to top left Office button>save as whatever you will call your document.

Activity 4: Create an ‘about page’ that will be put in your blog later.

Check out these student about pages. Notice they have been aware of  internet safety – not mentioned surname, school, town they live in, email address

  • Teegan from New Zealand age 11
  • Katy from USA age 13
  • Anna from Australia age 12
  • Daniel from Australia age 12
  • Alanna from Australia age 12
  • Georgia from Australia age 12

Open a Word document, rename as an “About Page” for you to use in your blog when you have one. Remember every three or so minutes to save your work. When you have completely finished your ‘About’ page activity, save your document.

Write your own ‘About’ page or if you already have one, update your ‘About’ page in your blog.

Activity 5: Email your document to your classroom teacher

  • Open a new email.
  • In To box, put in your  teacher’s email address. New students, please add Miss Wyatt’s email address too.
  •  In Subject box, put my about page.
  • In the body of the email, mention what you are sending your teacher. Also include a sentence asking for a blog to be created or telling your teacher that you already have a blog. eg
    • Hi Miss W, I am sending you my about page. Could you please create me a blog to start using next week? Thank you.
  • In icons, find the paperclip and click, choose your file to attach by clicking on browse, (go to folder and find your document), click attach, then close.
  • On your email, you should now see an attachment underlined, click send.

Activity 6: Change our ‘Kids in the Mid’ about page

Look at these class blogs ‘About’ pages. What do you think would need to be included in our ‘About’ page for ‘Kids in the Mid’ to represent us in 2012?

Still got time left this week? Check out the links under challenges on the left sidebar.

  • Visit the student blogging challenge for March this year and visit some students who will be taking part.
  • Visit Downunder Squirrel’s blog and create an avatar using paint or something similar. Attach to an email and send to Miss W.
  • Visit Davo the Devil’s blog and leave a comment about a visit to a student.
  • Visit the blogs of some of your friends in other classes. Leave them a comment on a post you found interesting.

Leave a comment at the end of this post telling us three things we should include in our ‘About’ page for Kids in the Mid. 

Image: ‘Long Train Home – Explored!

2 Responses to “Week 1 – Ready to blog”

  1.   Brodie Says:

    The skills I have to help my team is to listen to their susgessions.

  2.   Chloe Says:

    I’m sure you will all really enjoy blogging. I have got blog of my own and I really enjoy to blog.
    From Chloe.

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