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Time to spare

Posted by Miss W. on March 19, 2012

Try this jigsaw created by Miss W.


12 Responses to “Time to spare”

  1.   TEC Admin (Astaneh) Says:

    Well Done Miss W.

    Actually it’s a perfect blog (Edublog pro with Java ability).
    As an adult, I played it :) One the best ways to teach students about areas and being sure they will remember the area.

    Just to informing you, I played it on my laptop with 14” monitor and 1024×768 resolution and missed a few of pieces of puzzle. I think the players need a higher resolution on their monitors.
    Anyway it was cool.
    Thank you.

    This visit has been made under (student challenge week 3 lets visit and comment) post.

  2.   Thomas Says:

    HiMrs W,
    I go to montagu bay and bradley is one of my friends

    That jigsaw puzzle was awesome and hard. Our class is trying to get to 1,000 visitors by easter we only need 62 more so we would love some more visitors.

    Bye Thomas
    PS:Where is squirell at the moment.

  3.   alexh2 Says:

    Hi my name is Alex. I’m from Ohio.I stopped by your blog and thought it was neat that you have a puzzle on your blog. Did you just start blogging?
    sometimes check out my blog

  4.   Malia V. Says:

    Hello Miss W! I am Malia. I love your blog, and am participating in your “Student Blogging Challenge”. I really like how you have a “Shelfari”, and adore your “Internet Polyglot”. I am hoping you can visit my blog at and feel free to comment, and let me know about my mistakes. I love your blog and it is flawless. Do you have any other blogs?
    ~Malia V.

  5.   Shayne Says:

    Good Evening!

    I really like your blog. You have so many great things that drive the students to visit. All of the student blogs are linked here for your visitors to see. How involved are your parents in the blog. I would love to embed the jigsaw on mine (maybe of some student art) in the hope that more students will visit regularly.

  6.   mrmccleary Says:

    Wow! I love your blog; excellent work. Your Jigsaw is a great idea and I really like your use of Widgets. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to sharing your site with my grade 6 students in Ontario, Canada. My students will try to visit some of your students as well. Please come visit us as well at

  7.   class5N Says:

    Dear Miss W,
    I am planning to have a good look around your blog as I can see it has a lot of interesting posts, widgets and activities.
    I got distracted by the jigsaw first! I can’t complete it though because I can’t find the last few pieces. I’ve moved the puzzle around as best I can. Maybe it’s because I have my computer attached to a projector?
    from Ms N

    •   Miss W. Says:

      Mrs N,
      It also depends upon which browser you are using. Try changing the number of pieces to 20 and you should then be able to see them all. I can’t download the puzzle any smaller from jigzone as it has to be a certain minimum width.

  8.   Ali Says:

    Hi my name is Ali. I am really looking forward to looking around your blog. Then the jigsaw puzzle caught my eye. I completed it. It was really hard. Please come and visit our blog.
    from Ali

  9.   corey Says:

    Hi my name is Corey. I really love the jigsaw puzzles. I did one that said ‘Jigzone’. It was really cool. I hope to visit this blog again and do another jigsaw puzzle.
    bye bye

  10.   Katie Jones Says:

    This is a great puzzle. I enjoyed it. It is nice to know that others enjoyed it too.

  11.   thegreatidu Says:

    finished puzzle

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